“Angel of Majesty”


“Angel of Majesty” , oil pastel painting, mounted on board, 40x30cm. 4thn a series of 4

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“Angel of Majesty”, oil pastel painting, mounted on board, 2nd in a series of 4. (2004)  This series was painted in Comillas, Cantabria, Northern Spain, in a beautiful, jewel of a landscape of a little village called Ceceno.  On completion, my interpretation followed : This Angel is the result of many lifetimes of releasing karma and past emotional entanglement.  At first, when painting her, she looked and felt decidedly male.  As I progressed, she became more physically female, yet still retaining some male physical attributes and qualities.  As I painted her I, I would stand back from time to time and see what was present.  What did this mirror offer me as information?  I see that this angel looked like Nepture, God the Sea.  His crown appeared (no sceptre though). I also see a reflection of a plump, proud bird of prey. His stoic chest and strong biceps and arms.  I see very definitely a serpent bird, depicted in the free, loose tail-like fronds, emanating from the lower under wings.  So I have : Nepture, Bird and Serpent like Angel, filled with love, compassion and kindness, coming from her/his eyes.  She is peacefully looking out, not flying, not moving, still. Simple here. Majestic and open”

This series was inspired when visiting the cemetery in Comillas, whereupon as the bus turned into the town, there standing proud and erect atop a high promontory the “Angel Justiciero de LLimona”  (the Angel Guardien, Cementario de Comillas, Cantabria, Espana), a scultpture by Josef Limona.

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