Tai Chi for Health and Qi Gong For All Sentient Beings

Mohini has been studying, attending classes ongoing training and teaching Yang Style Tai Chi at the John Ding International Academy and with John Munro at Long White Cloud Qi Gong – for over 11 years. She has shared her classes in the UK health and fitness industry, and she particularly enjoys teaching elders in their own living environment.

She believes that on ongoing development of awareness in both mind, body and breath, can maintain good health and promote longevity.

Her interest is in assisting older people to stay fit into later years by encouraging practical exercises through Tai Chi for Health and an understanding of energy and stress management.

She is now currently offering Tai Chi/Qi Gong in an outdoor setting, on Monday evenings at 7pm-815pm at Chingford Plain.  We meet at Bury Road Car Park,  E4 7AZ and move over to the plain to practice together.  The class will be mainly standing, and will include breathing, mindfulness mediation and relaxation.  If the ground is warm and dry, we may be seated for meditation.  Bring a cushion and a warm sweater, appropriate shoes, not too tight and socks.  £10 in person or online in advance.

Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi for Health and Qi Gong in Later Years.

The NHS recommends Tai Chi for Balance, Gait and Strength Training.

  • Stretches and elongates all body muscles and the spine.
  • Can reduce feelings of “shrinking”, alleviating vertebral pressure.
  • Tones, revitalizes and re-energises all the body systems and organs.
  • Overhauls, balances and calms the nervous system improving concentration.
  • An excellent form of stress-management, reducing anxiety, fear and panic.
  • Helps to maintain and increase vital life energy.
  • Breathing exercises and joint movements excellent for longevity and flexibility.
  • Assists in maintaining overall health and well-being.
  • All practices are adapted for sitting and can be done standing where possible or desired. Short relaxation also included.