What is Tai Chi –
“ultimate/supreme polarity”
(chi – here denoting yin and yang)

  • ancient chinese tradition
  • non competitive martial arts
  • practical system of self-defence
  • health benefits
  • stretching
  • mindfulness
  • soft internal martial arts style
  • types of tai chi : chen – hard-yang- soft,wu-soft
  • the soft styles develop health
  • the hard styles develop power
  • a series of continuous, circular, slow, relaxed  and smooth, flowing movements
  • tai chi forms follow certain rules :
  • they involved intricate body mechanics
  • the direction and flow of the energy and power
  • within the body are controlled by the form
  • the forms stimulate the energy and power freeing up blocked pathways =
  • free the chi

What is  Qi Gong
“cultivating energy”
(qi – here denoting energy)

  • ancient chinese health care system
  • integrates :
  • physical postures
  • breathing techniques
  • focussed attention
  • soft internal style
  • (1)   martial
  • (2)   medical
  • (3)   spiritual
  • qi gong as a generic term for health and strengthening exercises was not coined until about 50 years ago.
  • practices vary from :
  • to more vigour- kung fu/ karate/jujitsu – defence and martial arts with fighting element.
  • qi gong forms are free improvement and can be merged with an individual’s moving manner
  • not as intricate at tai chi forms
  • same healing benefits.