Happy Yogis say:  

“Like Joanne, for me your yoga classes are irreplaceable. We’ll find someone new, but now we’ve been taught by the best, it’ll feel very strange” JB

“For me what I’ve valued most is your improvisations borne out of deep knowledge of yoga practice.  I’ll never forget it. And I know I’ll never find it again!” But I’m very happy for YOU. Well done for taking a new leap. ? JAM

“I tend to lose interest very quickly if exercise classes are too serious and the fact that you made them such fun was the reason I kept coming, so thank you !!!” SM

“Thank you for your lessons, I found them particularly helpful coming with Priti as we went through our own difficult winter months, spending time together at your classes was a weekly highlight and the village hall is such a quaint venue, a welcome contrast from the commercialised gyms”. SU

“You are honestly one of the loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting/knowing and your presence in my life has been amazing, I can’t thank you enough for all the joy and light you have shone!”   JC

“There is your wonderful book, your artwork, your music. That will
do the teaching work even when you actively do not
carry on with it.  … those few times a had a chance to
participate in your classes was unforgettable experience.
I am very grateful for it”. DJ