“YOGAFLOWS”™ (2002) by Mohini Chatlani


Experience the yoga flow, 7 Dec 2002 – by Martine, Essex

“If you only buy one yoga book buy this one! The vivid colours, the clear explanation of moves, breath, technique tips, and the sequences are just wonderful. If you ever felt yoga to be “always the same with progressions”, experience the flow sequences and you’ll discover the ballet dancer in you!”

Yogaflows – an inspirational guide to yoga.
Emma Guild, London. 14 Nov 2002
“I am lucky enough to be a pupil of Mohini’s and her enthusiasm, knowledge and fun come through clearly in this book. The focus on breathing techniques that accompany each sequence are particularly beneficial and the figure of eight layout of each sequence is easy to follow. The book is suitable for all levels, the colour coding for each level is very clear and there is a great sense of achievement in moving up through the flows.I particularly appreciated the sections on relaxation and meditation, sometimes that is all you need to do to get rid of the stresses of the day. I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone wanting a fool-proof guide to yoga.”

Get the “flow” back into your life with this book. 25 Feb 2004 – Anonymous, London
“If it hadn’t have been for Mohini, her style of yoga and the way in which she puts it across, I would never have become a yoga teacher myself.

When you start to practice yoga it can be really difficult to formulate or construct your own daily practice. “Yogaflows” provides the practitioner with an extremely well structured sequence of asanas (postures) linked with the breath. Over a period of time the sequences are learned and the postures become part of a linked series rather than individual poses. The postures become more than just a collection of actions – the practice develops into a vibrant and energetic union of our inner and outer environments.

This book is beautifully produced with lots of fabulously clear photos, colour-coded sections for the different intensity levels of the flows, a whole section on the transitions between poses and a very detailed glossary at the back which includes all the postures in the flows plus their variations.

My advice? Get the book – its a joy to read and Mohini’s sense of fun really shines through. “Yogaflows” will help you to take your yoga off the mat and incorporate it into your everyday life. Thanks Mohini, this is a real gift.

Other Book Reviews

International Yoga Teachers Association New Zealand Newsletter – 2005
“This is a very different type of yoga book. Twelve individual and uninterrupted yogaflow sequences are presented in separate fold out pages, offering an original and dynamic approach to hatha yoga. Yogaflows is excitingly innovative: it is to de-emphasize form, and to encourage free expression. The practitioner learns to tune into intuitive movement, so allowing a spontaneous energetic flow that moves from within to without”.

Choice Magazine – Margery Simpson, Peterborough -2003
“Having practiced yoga for over 10 years. I have been searching for a way of adapting my practice to make it even more beneficial. Using flows to connect poses together makes perfect sense, and has given me more energy than before, and helped me to focus more on my breathing techniques, making me calmer and sleep better. Many Thanks!”

Greenock Telegraph – 2002
“Individual poses and seamlessly linked with specially created sequences that generate relaxation, inner calm and mental focus. The book is well grounded in Yoga, it has depth as well as breadth incorporating the more subtle aspects of Yoga as well as the better known postures which are only a small part of the whole”

British Wheel of Yoga Journal – Spectrum – 2002
“This well designed and lavishly illustrated book is an interesting addition to the growing yoga book market. Each flow is a creative, well structured and balanced sequence of yoga poses. There is advise on breathing correctly to maximise fluidity with the poses”.

Health and Fitness Magazine -2002
“If you’re looking for an easy to follow and practical yoga book to guide your home practice, this well-illustrated book is your answer. Mohini Chatlani provides a series of sequences using hatha yoga asanas, that create a perfect flow from one pose to another, aiming to make your yoga practice meditative, seamless and exhilarating…A great resource to add a more gentle flow to your home practice.”