Mohini’s World of Art

Mohini has been around art and painting all her life. Her mother was a prolific artist, having painted well over 200-300 canvasses and drawings. Mohini started painting and drawing in her early twenties and was left dormant for many decades as she sang her way through the early decades and practiced yoga. She re-connected with painting in 2017, where she began using the medium as an expression of her internal process and current creative activities as well as a focussing vehicle and “model or mourning” to process grief.

Mohini is now a serious artist, inheriting an ongoing, growing skill and a creative talent from her prolific artist mother, Renée Chatlani. Virtually self-taught, painting for Mohini is a profound form of meditation, a way of stilling the mind, focussing it on the ever-growing deep discovery of what is within her in each moment. A painting, which starts off as something, often, through the pauses within the sittings, emerges as something else : a revelation of sometimes, something clear, other times, coded spiritual and emotional messages accompanied by an organic, spontaneous flow.

Her developing style is one of an eclectic nature, encompassing figurative abstract, portraiture and pure abstract. She uses both brush, palette knife and fingers and paints primarily in oils. She is influenced and inspired greatly by the impressionist and post-impressionist movement as well as being open to discovering the old masters as well as the new.

She had studied with the outstanding, international artist and teacher  Angelika Privalakhina, whose style and passion she is very aligned with and with whom she has studdied : plein-air painting in Tuscany in 2019.  She aspires to studying with her again at Monet’s Garden in Normandy, France and in her own home city of St. Petersburg, Russia.


Her greatest teacher,  now since the passing of her beloved Mama, Renée in October 2021,  is her Mama, herself. She is learning so much, through studying Renée’s various painting techniques and all her artwork.  She feels her Mama’s presence and guidance coming from within.

Mohini is a yoga professional and educator, a published author, a recording artist with her own record label “Heartspace Music” and her own London recording studio, a singer as well as a teacher of Tai Chi for Health and Qi Gong, for seniors and all bodies and an Agent for Change.

What gives Mohini’s life purpose, meaning and value is to be able to help others realise their full potential, to encourage personal health and wellbeing and inspire the development of innate creativity. Since the passing of her beloved Mama, Renée, she is lovingly and dedicatingly curating her mother’s prolific and talented artwork, offering it out to reach the wider world audience.

Mohini loves painting, gardening, silence, prayer, helping others, languages, nature, travel, cooking, animals and elders.

Prizes & Commendations : 

The Luxembourg Art Prize 2022 – Certificate of Artistic Achievement

The Luxembourg Art Prize 2020 – Certificate of Artistic Achievement

Exhibitions :
The London HealthCare Clinic
London 2020 – 2022 
The Creative Art Sale 
London E17 September 2019
The Art and Heritage Trail – 

Where the City Meets The Forest October 2019

Memberships :
Artists’ Collection Society (ACS)