These 3 paintings were the first I painted after the passing of my beloved Mama 10/21). She had painted 2 of them.  These are in her honour. Thank you Mama.
Wow Mohini! Your art work has gone up another notch or two”. Fay Barratt

” Wow, these are sensational. You have a wonderful style and clearly an inherited  talent. Actually I feel you have the flavour of Van Gogh with a hint of the Impressionists, like Sisley. Your work is wonderful”
Kate Morsley

“There  is a lightness of spirit here and a joyfulness expressed
through the
“These are beautiful. Wonderful tribute to your talented lovely Mama” Deidra Barr

On The Waterfront”
“The treatment of your figures is so clever!”
“What a time you have had. I can only imagine the journeys you have expreienced.  I Love the paintings, such texture, colour – and the light” Susan Loftus

“The palette of your colours are lyrical”.
“I love the texture on your trees”
“These paintings are a triumphant success”
Halli Bourne

Payage Bleu” (Homage a Renoir)
“That search for unique expression is truly serving you. I see so  much control in your use of colour and light in this piece and a sense of movement and fluidity in the landscape”
Heather Morton

“Mischa Maisky – Kol Nidrei”
Love your cellist. Technically, I feel it is amongst your best. So expressionistic, a harmony and balance in your colours and the mood is excellent. Halli Bourne

“Nos Fleurs”
British multimedia artist, Mohini Chatlani’s artwork,
speaks to one’s soul, senses, heart emotions”. D.Jurjane

“A La Flamenca” SOLD
 “OOOOO ! Mohini, that’s excellent!”  Angelika Privalikhina 
The spirit of the dance”. It’s all there and its drama just flows out to us.
I feel re-vitalised. Love it. Anne Evans
“Your paintings really are full of life with real vibrancy and energy .
Very few artists have this gift to speak through the art work and
you are one of them”. Beautiful. Ramana
“She is in ecstatic trance!” Halli Bourne

Mama’s Rose”
“So touching” Susan Loftus
“This is amongst your best work. Louise Cashin
“A beautiful rose in Mum’s hand”. Nasser Kazinda

“Our Hands” is lovely and says so much”.
Isabel Brooks
“Hands are so significant and expressive of who you are. Beautiful artwork”
Yemanja Amelda Aben Asantweaa

Red Poppies” SOLD

Purple Poppies” SOLD
“Beautiful, so much talent : singer, painter, teacher.
Go well wonderful woman of power”. Eve Cunningham
“These paintings are stunning, so alive and vibrant”. Susan Loftus

Summer Flowers” (3) SOLD
Wonderful Art” Marina Jones
“Amazing” Khushboo
“Lovely” Pooja

“L’Estaque”, (après, Cézanne)
Love itHave you considered entering the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition?
Imho this would get in easily!”  Robert Weill

Abhayam -No Fear” (Reserved)
“Strong, modern and great energy” Nas 
“Wonderful piece of art” Suzanne Cambray

Blow You A Kiss”
“Beautiful”, Alaena Adams
“Seems like she’s whispering a mysterious spell”
Tahiche del Toro

“Mysterious and very feminine, Reminds me of 1001 nights” Dace Jurjane
“Did you do this?! It’s spectacular”, Ramana Emmaneni
“So So beautiful. You are so talented”. Louise Cashin
“It’s truly stunning”.
Fiona Agombar
“Honestly, you art takes  my breath away” Moon Hussain
“This is like – singing in oils. Jan Davis
“I See Me” SOLD
“Yes I can see you Mohini. Love it” Anne Evans
“The abundance of flowers is exquisite” Terre Spratt