Mohini is a multi-media creative artist : a practising and qualified yogi , yoga teacher and trainer for over 35 years, a singer, recording and performing artist, composer, a published author and an artist. She  is also qualified in Yang Style Tai chi and Long White Cloud Qi Gong, and has taught elders and others to assist in maintaining balance, serenity and good health.

Mohini’s life inspiration stems from her spiritual practice, love of the arts, dance and music.  Her passion ignites from the creative, feminine force within, following her inner guidance and intuition, fuelled by her commitment to her personal growth, her spiritual journey and evolution. 

Her ancestry is deep and rich : Armenian/Middle Eastern and Indian, which merge to create soundscapes and vocal fusions in her music. Her work is a continuingly, evolving, organic process, encompassing an eclectic variety of music, songs, paintings, poems and writings.  She has worked with international musicians and vocalists and has created 4 audio CDs under her record label, Heartspace Music established in 2007 from her London Recording Studio -Heartspace.  Her Yogaflows™ book was received with great acclaim in 2002 and continues to inspire many yogis and teachers alike around the world.

Her painting and talent are undoubtedly inherited from her prolific artist, painter mother, and from an ancestral line of artists.  Although beginning as a serious amateur painter, Mohini now finds that her work is selling.  She has now begun exhibiting—firstly in London, for the “Arts Trail” 2019 in London, and now,  and exhibited 13 paintings at the London Health Care Clinic in London,  Mohini  co-creates tailor-made musical programs for Sacred occasions as well as modern-day celebrations.