“The New Path” Series  2022

While going through Renée my late Mama’s portfolio, we came across the sketch on the left.  I was inspired to create, in oils, my impression of it – the right hand painting. It is entitled “Nous Deux” (Us Two)
– a dedication to my Mama

The New Path is a sharing of a deep, introspective journey, what I call a “model of mourning. It is a journey to the Light, to a meeting with the Great One, the Divine. It is a channel for grief and loss, tapping into deep psychological and emotional material and the transmutation of earthly into heavenly. It is a lone road, with lush landscapes, closed and open doorways, night, sun and moonshine, and a meeting with the ancestral tribe.

“Grief is what you do on the inside, mourning is what you do on the outside” David Kessler

Paintings 1-3

“Nous Deux”

 “Walking On”
“A journey which begins under the rays of the Sun – a very engaging story” D.J.

“Night Journey”
“The journey continues under the ras of the moon, makes it more mysterious in reflection of her tender, glittering light. I love how your palette changes according to the scenery and emtion os the painting” Dace Jurjane


Paintings 4-6

“Passing Through”
“She is nature goddess of the wold world. The shades of blue and green reflect peace and prosperity, while the touches of warm yellow and burnt sienns suggest a brightness of soul. Halli Bourne
“Merged with nature as walks”. Rose Snow
“I love this series”. Fay Barratt

“The Closed Door”
“Stepping into new life” Yemanja Amelda Abena Asantewaa

“The Narrow
Open Door”
“This painting speaks volumes to the soul witnessing”
Ruth Allen
“Your heritage speaks volumes here! She is a figure surrounded in  beauty mirrored in her form. She is a sadhaka who trust the path opening to her”. Halli Bourne.

Paintings 7-9

“Doorway To The
Golden Path”
“Really love your  work” Meridith Harwood Flanagan
“…..spring colours of this femail figue evokes hope and movement. Brave and expressive brush strokes”. Halli Bourne

“The Arrival”
“Enigmatic. A congress of women” H.B.

“She Goes To The Ball”
“Wow – this is very powerful. Woman in red”. Susan Loftus
“Indeed she does. She is transcendent!” H.B

Paintings 10-12

“The Great One”
“Such a strong feeling of Jesus energy and presence. Feminine presence….feel of solstice, nature and lunar energy.

“And So To The Light”
“Very intriguing. I have not seen this side of your art before! Keep it up” Carole Isis

“All This And Heaven Too”
“I like this one”.  A lot!” J.A.H