Freedom Through Form

Essential ingredients of humour, passion, spontaneity and vigour, are woven into Mohini’s natural eclectic teaching style. She draws on her experience of Yogic, Buddhist and Taoist , and includes Vipassana, Metta and Mindfulness meditation practices. Her style is firmly underpinned by Patanjali’s Eightfold Path of Yoga, Advaita or Self-Inquiry, and the unique expression of personal energy or Shakti. She draws on her experiences and studies of Trans-personal and Humanistic Psychology into her teaching, to encourage opening to our inner emotional difficulties, thus enlivening the pranic physical and emotional bodies. Her teaching offers an opportunity for still and fluid physical expression, promoting deep relaxation, meditative awareness, and the potential of profound insight and intuitive wisdom. Since the passing of her beloved Mother in 2021, Mohini has returned to her Christian roots as a way of deepening her prayer and meditative life, through community, singing and worship.

Mohini is the author of “Yogaflows”, published in 2002. She has travelled the world teaching workshops, seminars, retreats and holidays.

A practitioner and teacher for over 40+ years. She trained with the British Wheel of Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, with Erich Schiffmann and has worked extensively with Clive Sheridan and Sarah Powers. Her meditation teachers are Yanai Postelnik, and other teachers of Gaia House, Devon and Insight Meditation Centre, Barre USA. She has a deep connection with the Avaita -Self-Inquiry/Non-Dualistic teachings, and has sat with H.R.L. Poojaji, Gangaji, and Sri Sri Mata Amritanandaymayi and Mooji, in the USA, India, Portugal and the U.K. Her guiding teachers are Sri Mooji – Advaita, and Father Thomas Keating – Centering Prayer, the Contemplative dimension of Christianity.  She continued to train and qualify with John Munro of Long White Qi Gong and has completed Level 1 Instructors course, and previously with John Ding, of the Master Ding Academy, in Tai Chi for Health.  

Mohini continues to develop and study the body, mind and energy systems to enable balancing  the Yang or Fire and the Yin or Water practices, through her personal practice of Qi Gong and Tai Chi,  Yoga and all the related yogic practices and Vipassana or Insight Meditation. She has also worked in a voluntary project with teenagers in a local college with envision young people making a difference. She has also worked as a volunteer with Amma’s organisation. 

Mohini’s Philosphy – passion and humour courses through her life and teaching : grounded in the elements and simply “showing up” to be in relationship with all that life presents each new day. Her deep interest into the human condition, where each one seeks enduring happiness and a way out of suffering, inspires her to encourage others to empower themselves, both on an educational, personal and inspirational level, bringing joy, love and compassion to their lives, which in turn ripples outwards.

Mohini’s Training in Humanistic Psychotherapy at Spectrum London,Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Meditation, Prayer  and community, contribute greatly to encouraging not only enlivening the physical and pranic bodies, but also learning to open up to difficult emotions, which she believes is essential in deepening insights into one’s True Nature. 

Fuelled by the innate hunger she feels each soul has to be happy, Mohini seeks to provide a forum for an unconditional and loving space to transform the experience of yoga on the mat, into wisdom both practical and spiritual, for our lives.

Mohini regularly visits India and France for retreats and to spend time with her family. She regularly retreats at Gaia House, in Devon, her “second home”. She recently undertook a pilgramage to Our Lady of Walsingham, “Britain’s best kept secret”. She continues a steady commitment to deepen into silence on retreats. and in daily life.

Since the publication of her book “Yogaflows” in 2002, Mohini has offered workshops in many regions and counties of England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. In 2005, she was invited as the Guest Tutor for the New Zealand Yoga Convention and to Singapore to teach a series of Master Classes and workshops. She has led retreats in France,  Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus and the United Kingdom. Mohini has successfully taught five British Wheel of Yoga, Level 1 Foundation Courses.  Many of her students have been inspired to continue their vocational training in yoga, many leaving their corporate jobs, and  becoming yoga teachers in their own right.

Mohini is currently working on her second book.