And I am learning to Give Thanks,
To be, to learn
To love myself enough,

To stay present, in ever greater tenderness,
And I begin to feel again,
And I see and feel
The light within.

My wish is that we all do.
And you are all
Most welcome here.

Thank you for visiting.

Recording Artist

Heartspace Music Record Label and London Recording Studio, born from a desire to translate sounds in my heart and head to disc.  I never thought I could until I did! Here we go!
Thank you for listening.


My thanks to my late mother, Lucienne Renée, her inspired art, her talent, the legacy, that gift passed down, my heritage. My art now representing life in action, fuelled with passion, inspiration and joy. I watch in wonder as the brush moves with spirited abandon across the canvas. Visit my Galleries.


Recovering from early childhood trauma, as a practitioner and then a teacher, yoga and meditation became and still are my lifeline. The “two wings of my life bird” were and still are music and yoga.  They got me through the difficult times.  They still do.  I am grateful.  


The voice, which once ruled my head and my heart, performing for appraisal and adulation, to fill the void within. Now the spirit is open, the mind rested, to receive universal, earthy, worldly, soulful sounds, songs, musical landscapes from the universal consciousness.
The voice is my humble gift which I present to you


“You were ahead of your time” I was told. The “Asana Dance” was born in 1991 in a small room in my brother’s house in Mumbai. A methodical keeper of notes and avid organiser, the seed thought, “this could be a book”, planted, years later in 2002, became a published book Yogaflows” ,a natural practice for all bodies. She travelled around the world, teaching, lecturing, retreating, laughing.  The book is out of print – I have copies.