“We recommend anyone interested in spiritual music to listen to Mohini’s very unique musical offering” Deva Premal & Miten

“RamRam I loved your Cd and will be happy to put a track or two up on my “Krishna Das Yoga Music Radio” channel on Sirius XM. KD”. Krishna Das

“I’ve been enjoying the excerpts that you put on Youtube”. Ben Leinbach

“Thank you for the beautiful album you gave me. It is so gentle, tranquil and enchantingly inspiring”. Hossam Ramzy

Mohini’s rapturous music shifts one into inner ancient dimensions where all religious realms converge in the heart. This is a wonderful CD. Sarah Powers, author of “Insight Yoga”.

Mohini is awesome – her voice is spellbinding” Pamela Ramsden One Light Spiritual Gatherings

Soft Enerji Thank you so much Mohini! I saw you message come through just as I was about to shut down for the night and thought…..what the……..might as well listen to one more before shuteye………..and what an amazing surprise! Nada Te Turbe is incredible! I was reminded straight away of Dead Can Dance but I mean that as a huge compliment. Lisa Gerrard is one of my all time favourite female singers and now you are up there too.Thank you so much for the follow and right back at you. Best, Mark

” …listening stilled my mind”. SD

“I felt a warm and relaxed feeling around my heart.
I became absorbed in it, floated on the notes and the tone of your voice”. DMG

“…touched with gratitude for all”. AFD

“Beautiful, devotion. I felt gratitude to the universe. Love, floating and relaxing”. AL

Feedback On
“The Voice of Yoga” Meditative Performances

“Mohini is awesome, her voice is spellbinding”, Pamela Ramsden, One Light Spiritual Gatherings.

“A match made in heaven”. Jackie Lee, North London Yoga Studio

“Beautiful, from goose-bumps to totally chilled” VO.

“Trance-like and very powerful”.

“I felt a warm and relaxed feeling around my heart”. SG

“Trance-like and very powerful” CC

“I became absorbed in it, floated on the notes and the tone of your voice”. DMG

“…touched with gratitude for all”. AFD

“Beautiful, devotion. I felt gratitude to the  universe. Love, floating and relaxing”. AL

“Thank you for the privilege of hearing your singing. Your gift is meant for the ears of many, and will give so much joy.” TB 30.1.07

“Thank you for your wonderful singing. It touched us all. Thank you! Thank you
GG 17.02.07

“Love your music. Can’t find all the words to say how much.

I love your music.I think it’s going to change the world!” AW 10.04.07

“Congratulations, you have re-invented yourself. There is ready market out there for this music. You have worked so hard, and to have come this far is in itself an achievement. Let’s hope you get the recognition you deserve!”

JP 11.10.07

“Hey sweetness, continuing to listen, its awesome. powerful hara. THIS IS GOOD WHAT YOU are giving, sharing and networking. its your SOUL SONG. finally it’s being sung. bless you. bless you”. x R.A

“Simply divine. Absolutely amazing to listen to, to enjoy, to breathe in this soul nourishing, soul inspiring, soul uplifting music. I don’t even want to say music because that doesn’t do this channel of grace justice. How much bliss to listen to this and for the heart to open wide and commune in oneness?” DD

“Mohini-/You Tube.. “It looks and sounds like a lovely concept of drawing on different spiritual traditions and bringing them home within you and within your music…The orchestration sounds nice and lush. The vibe is very cinematic and the luxurious imagery you use in the photography is very nourishing to watch.” JR

“Bless you lovely its deeply evocative, soul stirring and moving, I loved the “Hail Mary/Twameva”. I loved all of it, cant wait to hear all the tracks in full. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I want to tell everyone!!!! Truly a fruiting of sadhana and a gift to our world. Thank you for gifting this to humanity. xxxxxxxxxxxx”. RA

“The video preview is stunning, your voice is incredible, I love it…. so inspiring and heart opening, I can’t wait to hear the whole album!” RM

” ‘Eleven’. Absolutely wonderful…. haunting, deep, healing… it instantly took me out of quite a negative space I was in. … it makes it reach far into the past, connecting with our ancestors, as well as being thoroughly in the present and contemporary”. MC

“Congratulations, on the release of your CD. We had a squizz on YouTube and were most impressed. Both your voice and the music have a spiritual resonance that inspire and transport the listener. Bravo! We wish you all the success you well deserve”. L & D V-N


“Thank you Mohini for this beautiful CD”. KV

“Its lovely to see you being so creative and successful, your voice is beautiful”. MF

“…..the deep tones of unfolding are resounding around my living room. I have been enjoying the tapestry, depth and visceral landscapes your music evokes these past few days”. JR

“Have just had time to watch the YouTube footage. You sound amazing and some lovely images there”. JB

“We are so happy for you that your CD is completed, and how wonderful you sound. Your voice resonates so deeply, right to the heart, I would love to hear more….” S&AW

“I just wanted to congratulate you on your inspirational music and video on YT and FB. You’ve done an amazing job…. and it has touched me in a very profound way. I wanted to thank you for sharing your gifts with the world…” J

“Just listened to your album sampler, I hope you’re very proud, it’s beautiful & I can’t wait to own it”! T

For “Monumental”

An unreleased audio CD collaborative project with Craig Pruess (2009). This album is unavailable to listen to due to producer/performer/barcode issues. However as it was my first experience of working with a producer on an innovative musical project, I honour the energy, to include the feedback which propelled me into this arena, and am grateful for where I am now.

“International!! If I was walking down the street, anywhere in the world, and this music was blasting our on the pavement, I would have to buy it.. It has an international flavour, and universal appeal. The Samson is so sexy – all the ice skaters will be dancing to this one. The Anthem is perfect for the Olympics, if iwas a “swayer”, I would be swaying with it. It is BRILLIANT. This is a CD I would buy two of, just in case, I couldn’t get it again, or if I lost one. It is the one I would take on Desert Island Discs. Whether it be a “one-off” and is never heard of again, or it takes off, it is wonderful. It is its’ own genre.” I don’t’ know what stuff you’ve have go down in your life, but this music is a healing for you! It is going to reach people here (points to his heart). This music has something else, it catches the imagination, it’s exciting and unique. Never mind about you singing at events, THIS IS THE EVENT!!” MH 20.4.07

“……I am absolutely awed and thrilled by your musical skill and ability. The result was beyond my wildest imaginings. The power with which you embodied and communicated the grief of Orpheus for me was amazing – cathartic in a way that is beyond the range of most artists I know. The bit of improvisation you played us seemedto use that power to do something truly original and playful……. The warmth, brilliance, radiance, humour and ability to use your talent and skill to communicate in a really grand and exceptional way.”CA 2.12.06

“I was absolutely blown away by your singing – it was sensational – world class
RKF 18.12.06

“Wow Mohini – that is truly Monumental!! I enjoyed it and wanted more. What a voice you have. It is so far reaching………… have you and Craig added subliminal messages of love and peace to the Anthem, to awaken the world?” RSW 8.09.07