“Abhayam – No Fear” (Reserved)


“Abhayam – No Fear”,  oil on canvas 6 x46 cm, . (1.5.20)

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I was watching a film and a couple of pictures flashed up on the screen. I photographed one with the mobile phone.  I was intrigued to which era this character belonged : neither female nor male, Androgynous. I was struck and immediately inspired by it and I knew I had to paint it. My interpretation of this work : I made it my own by following my internal guide, being led actually by the shadow, the dark places within each one of us.   I added the hand, the “Abhayam” mudra  from the Vedic and Yoga philosophy, which is the “no fear” gesture, with the Sanskrit writing of the same meaning. I felt and saw the fear in the character’s eyes, the head is looking back – the shadow is to the side/in front. as they looked back, although their body is facing forwards.  The body facing front, inviting the subject to look forward, so the head and body can align, to move out of the shadow of the past, leaving the shadow well behind her/him. And facing forward, into the now and the unknown – the future, with trust, love and compassion The subject’s expression is one we may all resonate with, fear, anxiety, regret name what you will. Something for our time.

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