BLOG 1 23.12.2016 This is the voice of my friend Tish.  She recently passed away. She was a highly intelligent being. In May 2016, we spent a week together with a group of lively and amazing women, on a Pilgrimage to the Basilica of St. Mary Magdalene – Sainte-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, in Southern France, and to the cave where the Saint was said to have lived for many years until the end of her life.

Tish was also a wonderful singer with an inspired voice and soul.  “I sing in churches” she says.  “Empty ones”.   I loved singing in churches too.  And the main difference was that I sang “formally” in them.  At appointed times, on schedule, with specific songs, for specific occasions.  Tish sang naturally, spontaneously and liberally.  From her heart, from her soul, Divinely directed, one could say.

Sitting in the Basilica, meditating, praying, reflecting, I feel Tish at my right side.  “You know the ‘Ave Maria’ don’t you?”, she enquired. “Yes”, I replied. “Well go on sing it then”. “What here”, I asked.  “Yes, I sing in churches all the time, empty ones”.

What a leap of faith and a paradigm shift.  An energy moved from within me, and I made my way to the choir area of the basilica and began to hear the ‘Ave Maria’ by Bach/Gounod arise from my being.  I could also hear Tish, singing in a different part of the church. Then another of our group, Grainne, also began singing.  What a joy to behold and to be heard.

Giving our voices back to the praise and glory of God. This is why churches were built.  Their size, their vaulted ceilings, the wonderful stained glass windows depicting stories of all kinds. Built to hold the power of the voices of praise, of thanks and of joy and love. Also of sadness, grief and all the other emotions which encapsulate the human condition.

Thus this journey has started.  I will write more, but for now I am testing this new blog tool, to see how it works.

All that remains, is to say a massive “THANK YOU” to my dear Tish, who is at my right side, when I now sing in churches.