And the earth said, “sit down”,
And the sky said “look up”,
And the sun said “warm yourself”,
And the water said “drink of me”,
And the air said “breathe”,
And Spirit said :
“Be Still And Know That I Am”.

And the birds of the air returned in their numbers,
And the fish of the sea swam back to their waters,
And the animals of the earth came out to play and visit
And all in peace, tranquility, openness and safety.

And those who were troubled,
And made anxious by this crisis, were calmed,
And the air cleared,
And the water flowed freely and clearly,
And the air began to smell again
And the earth began to heal and dance,
As we too, in this silence began to heal,
And to know ourselves more fully,
And to love ourselves more deeply,
Enough to begin to savour the quiet,
To find peace within and cultivate equanimity
In the midst of the outer turmoil,

“Poppies 1”, Renée Chatlani

We pray for ourselves,
We pray and offer our support and blessings
To those who suffer,
And we applaud all the efforts, plans and decisions
To keep us safe, by those who toil for us.

Let us sit down,
Let us look up,
Let us warm ourselves,
Let us drink,
Let us breathe deeply and slowly.

Letting go,
Let us sincerely make intention
To become still,
Deep within,
And begin to know

That we are THAT very Spirit,
Which we can now begin to feel,
Emanating from this entire planetary space,

“Scottish Landscape”, Renée Chatlani

Now freed from external noise, turmoil and toxicity.
And the birds of the air sung their song so sweetly and became tame,
For this is their land.
And the animals came out of their holes,
Boldly crossing paths and keenly arriving.
And the fish and sea creatures returned to the now clarified waters,
To enjoy their paradise.
And the flowers and trees, all vegetation and nature
Sung in their glory for us to see, admire and be grateful.

And we learned to give thanks,
And we learned to Be,
And we learned to love ourselves enough,
To stay present, in ever greater tenderness,
And we did.
And we began to feel again,
And we saw and felt the light within,
And knowledge came in place of ignorance,
And compassion and empathy took the place of selfishness,
And wisdom shone brightly through our eyes,
And a new and softer, more loving way of being was born.
Borne on these waves of disaster, grief, loss and desperation,
Where our old world crumbled before our eyes,
Where our kinsfolk died and were swept away,
Where we birthed ourselves anew, and became fresh
And new ideas came and sprung forth from our newness,
Communities and connections were built on trust, love and forgiveness,

“View from the Villa”, Tuscany, Mohini Chatlani

And a new world order was created,
We rose from the ashes of our shadows,
And all became well.
We lived and thrived in spirit, with joy.

This is the wisdom of the planetary and universal plan.
It Is Time.

©Mohini Chatlani 2020
Written at 0441hrs 24.03.2020
2 days after the official lockdown of the UK
in the wake of Covid 19 the Coronavirus