BLOG 5 :2.8.20 It’s Full Moon Tomorrow, August 3rd, 2020

I felt it a propitious moment, day and time of the full moon, to launch my new website. It is a new beginning. It is the amalgamation of 23 years of Heartspace Yoga and 11 years of Mohini Chatlani.  The voice calling me to pull all the strands together to a complete whole. No more fragmentation or separation. At this time of my life, I feel more whole than ever,  I feel love in my life in my heart and being, as a visceral sense, as well as a spiritual, universal, powerful energy. This unprecendented time on the planet, one of global pandemic, one of complete lockdown on all society and humanity has, at the most, for me, on a personal level, been energetically potently charged, instrumentally educative and illuminatingly spiritual.  Many changes have occured, mostly if not wholly within.  Nothing, on the outside has changed very much. Once a yogi, always a yogi. Staying in is familiar to me. An urban hermit you could call me.

So I welcome you all to visit with me here. And thank you for doing so.  Yes I have a ton of experience, I have had several careers, one of which is not even mentioned here – the years spent at Unesco and other large banks and corporate environments, in my 20’s : they gave me great experinence – being a great organiser, a good left brain, and an excellent Office Manager!
And my soul longed for release into the creative arts. And here we are!

The full moon is represented here in this wonderful sculpture which I found at an antiques yard.  She is now in someone’s home no doubt. I’m not sure who she is, so let her be the Goddess and God within in one of us. I felt moved to feature it here as a reminder to both men and women, of our feminine, watery, emotional sides, our innate sensuality, sexuality both earthly, sacred and divine.

The Full Moon occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned and the Moon’s surface is fully illuminated by the reflection of the Sun’s light. The Full Moon marks the completion of the (waxing) cycle and the growth cycle of our intention. The Full Moon’s energy is at its peak and is very powerful.

The full moon has regenerative and restorative properties, particularly of our feminine energy. So be attentive to ‘meet yourself where you are’. You could ask yourself ‘what is it I want to illuminate in my life’? We can use the moon’s brilliant energy to see what is no longer serving our intentions. Maybe something needs releasing, so we can set our intention just after the moon begins to wane. It’s a great time to start a detox, releasing waste and toxins, on any or all levels of our being : emotional, physical, mental or spiritual. It is a great time to communicate anything of importance to a partner, to enhance our level of intimacy, as a path to renewed spiritual growth, expansion and transformation.

picture via Facebook : Full Moon Over Montreux, Switzerland

The full moon represents :
The height of power
The realisation of desires
It is a time to celebrate our growth
To take note of what progress we have made
To reflect on how far we have come
It is time to put the “lunatic” to bed!
It is a time of gratitude for our manifest desires
Those which have been brought to be
It is a time of connecting, nurturing and awakening the Divine Feminine – the moon being the watery aspect of the planets, connected to our emotions, sensuality and sensitivities.
It is a time to release the ego-desired manifestations and give thanks and surrender to the force greater than oneself.
Witnessing that which come to be, under Grace and in Divine and perfect ways, as our connection to Spirit gives birth to something Divine and Sacred to serve one’s greater purpose on Earth.
It is a time to release aspects and elements which no longer serve the grandest vision of our soul.
It is a time to realise and feel one’s highest potential and vision.
It is a time to feel one’s sensuality and creativity, our intimacy and sexuality.
It is time to awaken and connect our consciousness to the Ancient ones who have walked the Earth.
It is time to awaken and connect with our own Ancient Healer Self.
And it is time indeed, to open ourselves, to the field of Infinite Possibilities and Infinite Intelligence which comes through us in human form.
It Is Time!

picture via Facebook : Haven By The Sea B&B Inn