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 The Inspiration, The History, The Research, The Record Label


MOHINI began training in music technology in the summer of 2009 with John Ellis and her record label, Heartspace Music was established. She used the training as a means and a vehicle for her new creative ideas.  This resulted in her  first audio CD  “ALAYA-NAM”.  The journey of this album was not only one of appreciating and learning technology, it was also an amazing experience to see how a kernel of ideas for tracks and music can somehow transmute into a finished product! She completed her first solo written, arranged and produced album. in April 2012.Travelling deep inside to the sounds of Silence, to the hum of the earth, aligning herself to the “drone” of nature, to rise up invoking the energies of the Divine Mother, The Universal Energy, the Buddha and the Contemplation of  Metta -Loving Kindness, to the Spirit of the Sufis. 

She always  backs up ideas with research and includes information on the history, inspiration and stories of the tracks where relevant.  She quotes sources where applicable. 

Since the release of “ALAYA-NAM” Mohini began “stream of consciousness” writing from October 2012 to January 2013, which led her creatives juices to flow again.  Since then “Within Your Heart” has been released (October 2013), as a limited edition, commemorative gift to Amma, on the occasion of her 60th Birthday.  It is a fusion of eastern and western influences, and is deeply steeped in her process of “undoing” the past, and yielding into the “now”.   

Since then two further albums have been released, Sacred Love i 2012, and Spiritus,2020

“Yogaflows” Recordings

Mohini has is currently working on a series of recordings with original music, to accompany her 6 practices from her book”Yogaflows” consisting of 2 Relaxations, 2 Visualizations and 2 Meditations”” .  The first 2 are available now from the On-Line Shop. A very quick Dropbox link will be sent for download, upon receipt of payment.