My darling Mohini… what richness you display in listening
to your grief and to the spirits
that come to soothe you through this work!
What inspired channeling!
Your heritage speaks volumes here!
She is a figure surrounded in beauty mirrored in her form.
She is the sadhaka who trusts the path opening to her. Halli Bourne

A New Path (8/2022)

An artwork could be characterized in many different ways:
how well done it is in terms of pure technique, composition, style, uniqueness – you name it.
For me personally the quality which is far more important than the above mentioned is –
how inspirational that artwork is.
Interestingly enough – not all of the masterpieces are inspirational (to me),
since this is a very personal and unique aspect,
how an artwork speaks to one’s senses, emotions and soul.

British multimedia artist Mohini Chatlani speaks directly to one’s soul and heart.
Be it music, be it fine art or other media that she chooses to express her talents.
She does not do anything by halves, and it clearly shows in the work she creates.

Her art works have been a part of my home (and carried with me
whenever moving)for last 2-3 years now.
If you care about the energetic power of your living area,
a vibrational level of it and support to your mental and spiritual well-being,
I highly recommend checking her art work.
It will help to turn your living area into your true HOME
with a very unique feel in it.  Dace Jurjane

                      Nos Fleurs (7/22)                                                                   Exotika (8/22) 

For “A La Flamenco” (sold) Angelika Privalikhina  – “OOOOO ! Mohini, that’s excellent!”
“The spirit of the dance”. It’s all there and its drama just flows out to us.
I feel re-vitalised. Love it. Anne Evans
“Your paintings really are full of life with real vibrancy and energy .
Very few artists have this gift to speak through the art work and
you are one of them”. Beautiful. Ramana

“Spirit in Movement” – Jan Davis. “Vibrant and beautiful” – Geli
“Fabulous – should be in the national gallery 👏 “Mary Fahey
“This is so so stunning!! Vibrant and beautiful like you! I LOVE it!
And I love YOU”. Angelika Grohmann
“Brilliant” “Bravo “Beautiful” “Gorgeous” “Vibrant”
“Bright, joyful and feminine. Song and dance in colours. As always very inspiring” AF
“She is in the ecstatic trance”. Halli
“Absolutely Brilliant”. Suzanne Cambray
“Absolutely beautiful. I’m loving this. Well done”. Sharon Simon
“That’s excellent Mohini. Is there no end to your talents! Singer, yogi, painter.
A lady of many talents!” Anne Evans
“Exquisite, awesome, so much talent, gorgeous!”
“Unbelievably stunning …… those yellows and rich colours….!” Jade Cutler

For Red “Poppies” :

“Beautiful, so much talent : singer, painter, teacher.
Go well wonderful woman of power”. Eve Cunningham
“These paintings are stunning, so alive and vibrant”. Susan Loftus

For Purple “Poppies” :

“This is very beautiful. I just adore the colours!” Vicki Salter
“Stunning”, Suzanne Cambray. “Very Pretty” Nas Dahegamia
“Beautiful” Maria Lysandrou

For “Summer Flowers” (3)

“Wonderful Art” Marina Jones
“Amazing” Khushboo
“Lovely” Pooja

For “I See Me” (sold)

“Awesome” Issy
“Absolutely gorgeous” Pooja
“Yes I can see you Mohini. Love it” Anne Evans
“The abundance of flowers is exquisite” Terre Spratt

For “Abhayam – No Fear”

“Meaningful and beautiful” Jan Davis
“Wonderful piece of art, well done”, Suzanne Cambray
“Love It. Strong and modern and great energy”. Nas Dahegamia
“Absolutely Beautiful Mohini, so inspiring!” Jade Cutler

For “Blow You A Kiss”

“You know what amazes me the most, Mohini?
Seemingly endless forms of new artistic expression in your art.
Just when one says : “Ok, so this is the art that Mohini creates –
that is her style, her palette, she emerges in a totally different place
and surprises everyone! Curious to see what’s next”. Dace Jurjane
“Beautiful. You work quickly”. Alaenura Adams
“She’s beautiful and her eyes have compassion in them”. Terre Spratt
“You have been prolific my love!  She is a goddess”. Halli Bourne
“Seems like she’s whispering a mysterious spell. Big Love”. Tahiche del Toro

For Scheherazade:

“Amazing. Such lovely colours” Trish Chandler
“Fantastic colour and textures”. Susan Loftus
“The orange and reds speak so much about Mohini.
Beautiful painting it is”. Terre Spratt
“Did you do this? It’s spectacular!” Ramana Emmaneni
“Mysterious and very, very feminine.
Reminds me of One Thousand and One Nights”. Dace Jurjane
“Just stunning Mohini”, Suzanne Cambray
“Glorious” Issy Graham
“Beautiful and powerful”. Julie Hemmings
“So, so, so, so very beautiful. You are so talented”. Louise Cashin
“Wow, look at the colours and the details”. Nas Dahegamia
“Amazing – so vibrant” Suzie Ural
“So colourful. So alive. Nice job, my darling!” Halli Bourne
“Wow!!!! Is that where you have been hiding!!!” Tash Khan
“Fabulous” Mary Fahey
“It’s truly stunning”. Fiona Agombar
“I have to say, you’re very good at this art business.
Must be the artistic temperament, like “singing in oils”. Jan Davis