I am sitting at the edge here

Nothing to fear, nothing to fear,

At the Holy River of Tears

A voice from the water

Invites me to choose

Learn to lose, learn to lose

I reach out my hand there

Into the dark, into the dark

At the Holy River of Tears

A voice from below

Says take Her Hand

And I do, and I do.


Jaya to another type of victory
Shining brightly in the face of loss

Rooting to something within me

Jaya Kali Ma, love is the door

Love is the door to You

Jai Kali Ma

I give you my mind as you give me my heart,

Shining and fearless I meet you

In the Holy River of Tears

A meeting of hearts

A merging in love

Into the deep, into the deep.

I am no longer captain of my ship

The storms brew and waves swell

Into the Holy River of Tears

I have dived deep

Into surrender

Into You, into You.







I lost my faith

Got lost in my karma

My mind took a firm hold of my heart

Like the devil it danced on my soul

Stamping out the love of my heart

I forgot myself

I lost my road,

I forgot my love.


I now follow your lead as you steer my ship

Into the light, into the light

Crossing the Holy River of Tears

My mind like camphor

Has dissolved ,disappeared

I have crossed over, I have crossed over.

As I sit on the shores of eternal bliss

I have arrived with You as my guide

Out of the Holy River of Tears

My karmic pain

Has dissolved into dust

Sitting in Love, sitting in Love



Jai Amma Ma

Jai Jai Amritanandaymayi Ma

Jai Ma Om


Music and Lyrics by Mohini Chatlani © 2013

Mohini Chatlani, Heartspace Music, London 2013.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No unauthorized reproduction,

copying of these lyrics or music. Use with permission.