Jai Ambe, Jagadambe

Mata Bhavani, Jai Ambe

Jai Ambe, Jagadambe

Mata Bhavani, Jai Ambe


So the time has come

To live within your heart

I feel your tender love

And it blows away my past

You take me by the hand

And it leads me right back home

With you I'm always safe

I won't ever be alone

There's a sadness which still dwells

Deep within my heart

Of a grief that can be held

Of those acts which tear apart/Of those acts which can't be told

A flowering begins within

That takes the pain away

Overwhelming love

I am carried away/And I am here to stay


You've always known my suffering

You've always known my pain

Through my eyes you're mothering

I've everything to gain

A silent understanding

You sit right in my soul

A glimmering of knowing

And I have become whole

Intriguingly you shine your face

In a loving joyful stream

Unconditional embrace

You wipe my karma clean

I bask in your buoyancy

In your energy supreme

Joyful, soulful, loving

In a flash my life's redeemed


I give you my mind

And you give me back my heart

Gathering me in

A mother now I find

Bhakti Shakti Om

My hearts all in a spin

A stream of love pours in

And I'm right back at the start

The amrit you truly are

The nectar we all need

The Self a shining star

On the balm we all now feed

Bhakti Shakti Om

Effulgent and awake

A steadiness and calm

A new life I undertake


Sitting with you in this place

I'm clearing out my mind

Surrounded by your love and Grace

A space within I find

An invisible doorway

Through which you now rush in

You say you're here to stay

Such love has never been



Bhakti Shakti Om

Jai Ambe

Jai Ma Om


Music and Lyrics by Mohini Chatlani © 2013

Mohini Chatlani, Heartspace Music, London 2013.ALL RIGHTS

RESERVED. No unauthorized reproduction, copying of these lyrics or music.