O la luz    (Oh The Light)
O il mio cor (Oh My Heart

O la luz (Oh The Light)
O Dios mio (Oh My God

Nada te turbe,
Nada te espante,
Toda se pasa,
Dios no se muda.

La Paciencia
Todo la alcanza;
Quien a Dios tiene
Nada le falta,
Sólo Dios basta

Let nothing disturb you
Nothing dismay you
All things pass
God is unchanging
Patiences derives
All that it strives for
All that you live for
For one who has God
Nothing is missing
For one who has God
Everything is given.

Spanish Prayer - "Nada te Turbe"- From St. Teresa d'Avila, Spanish Mystic.
Other lyrics and English version of prayer : Mohini Chatlani



Nada Te Turbe Journey

She is sitting near the river, she can hear the church bells in the distance. Reflecting on her pain, woe and wounds of the past, she realizes her darkness. She knows light is there, and calls out for it "O la luz". She remembers a prayer she once heard "Nada Te Turbe" and begins to sing it. She is then drawn away from the river by the sound of chorus and angels singing in the distance, as if echoing her song. She follows the path towards the sound. As if confirming her prayer, she is consoled and uplifted by the prayerful song. Reinforced by the spoken word, she takes solace, that her suffering has not been in vain.





  • Elemental - water, breath, river bank, feminine, earth

  • Church bells - calling the mind to attention

  • Voice - cries out in pain, despair, loneliness, yearning, prayer for deliverance/conflict resolutions etc, insistence/anger

  • Water - runs through it - the feminine hand

  • Guitar - reverie, drone - the constant in life, the earth

  • Breath - staccato - triggers the intention to pryer ' O La Luz' - an inner knowing "there's more to life than darkness", crying out for the light.

  • Surrender through the words

  • Open heart

  • Waiting for response

  • Staccato - as if tip-toeing into One

  • "Nada Te Turbe' - "care-like" instructions for life through prayer - for now/remedy/holistic/ simple/reliable/ constant. "Solo Dios Basta"

  • She hums - intoning the prayer - a thought arises - 'let's try it out' - a song of the heart

  • Waltz like - she walks and hums, lighter, airy, hopeful

  • She sings to herself - the prayer - sure, available, space - comes into the NOW, believing, faith.

  • Water comes back - she goes back home singing again.

  • Renewed faith, vigour, certain.

  • The ending - she can now confront/meet her inner demons, accept, forgive all things, all people, as a deeper inner-standing that "Nada Te Turbe, Solo Dios Basta"!