Rest, Renew & Revitalise!


A unique blend of yin and yang - water & fire

practices to 
enhance your life, relax your

body and ease your mind.

Feel the pulse and invitation to move inside, yielding to the element of water, feminine or Yin aspect of the practice through sustained holding of poses, to enhance the organ and meridian systems. With meditative or focused awareness, express willfully and externally through the element of fire, masculine or Yang aspect of the practice, through flowing sequences. Experience the magnetic attraction and synthesis of both polarities, in the unique merging expression of a "Yogaflow™".


Photo : Shiva Bewildered by Mohini (courtesy of Facebook)


Essential ingredients of humour, passion, spontaneity and vigour, are woven into Mohini's natural eclectic teaching style. She draws on her experience of Yogic, Buddhist and Taoist through, and includes Vipassana, Metta and Tonglen meditation practices. Her style is firmly underpinned by Patanjali's Eightfold Path of Yoga and the unique expression of personal energy or Shakti. She draws on her experiences and studies of Trans-personal and Humanistic Psychology into her teaching, to encourage opening to our inner emotional difficulties, thus enlivening the pranic physical and emotional bodies. Her teaching offers an opportunity for still and fluid physical expression, promoting deep relaxation, meditative awareness, and the potential of profound insight and intuitive wisdom.

Mohini's heritage stems from a unique combination of ancestral yogic traditions, from India on the paternal side, and a deep rich cultural diversity from Egypt, on the maternal. A practitioner and teacher for over 25 years. She trained with the British Wheel of Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, with Erich Schiffmann and has worked extensively with Clive Sheridan and Sarah Powers. Her meditation teachers are Yanai Postelnik, of Gaia House, Devon and Insight Meditation Centre, Barre USA, . She has a deep connection with the Avaita -Self-Inquiry/Non-Dualistic teachings, and has sat with H.R.L. Poojaji, Gangaji, and Sri Sri Mata Amritanandaymayi, in the USA, India and the U.K. Her guiding teachers are Sri Mooji - Advaita, and Father Thomas Keating - Centering Prayer.

Mohini is the author of "Yogaflows", and has travelled the world teaching workshops, seminars, retreats and holidays.

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