Sing the Sound, Feel the Body, Merge the Two



Unravelling the Power ...

After a lifetime of classical voice training and singing, Mohini has now found her path and her authentic voice. Her interest is not only in creating soundscapes and new fusion albums with Eastern/Western Fusion,with world-class artists and musicians but also it is through the natural spontaneous organic improvisational sound that these songs which fill the albums, emanate. She enjoys the crossover from the Western Classical music tradition to the various musical influences of Eastern music. 

As I am constantly evolving, so is my work. Sound has always been an integral part of my work.  More so now, with the "Voice of Yoga" workshop/meditative performance, where yoga and sound become an integral part of the whole.

This creative, eclectic and innovative workshop presents a synergy of physical and meditative Yin and Yang Yogaflows"™ practices, both dynamic and still, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Sacred Sound and a Meditative Performance. The combination of practices is empowering and energising and can encourage stillness, clarity and quietude within, having a profound effect on the psyche, enhancing deep relaxation, peace and serenity. They prepare the subtle/energy body to open into a listening experience, for a meditative performance which is both relaxing and meditative.

Chanting and Sounding sacred chants and words of power still the mind and open the heart. The natural connection to creative, organic sound, free and spontaneous expression, become a powerful vehicle for the manifestation of the Universal energy or Chi and an instrument for the emergence of healing.

The sessions are restorative, relaxing and uplifting, enabling gentle release of old paradigms from the body and mind and refocusing into Now. Coming home to ourselves through this practice is empowering and energising, is a natural expression of this work. The workshops will be both physical and meditative through the synergy of Yogaflows™ and The Voice of Yoga.

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