For Healing and Happiness...


Inception of the Work

This album has been a joy, blessing, curious and stimulating growth process for me. The greatest learning in the gifting of my album to myself and now to you is HEALING. Healing the patriarchy, the matriarchy, the power struggles, the wounds of the past, relationships, losses and all that life has thrown at me. It has brought me into the present and taught me Love and Forgiveness.

Each time I listen to the music, I feel relaxed, moved, opened. I also feel "cleaned" out - like I had just had a shower - except in this case an "energetic" one. I pray you all will feel the same. And when you do, those feelings which emanate within you will be so strong and meaningful that you will want to share it with everyone.

My desire is not for fame, power or glory. My wish is for healing, of myself, you and all beings and the planet. This is a very exciting time for those in growth and consciousness work. We do not have a moment to lose. Each second counts. Each minute is a precious gift. Keep the faith within, keep mindful on the breath, and let love, joy, bounty and awareness shine within and without you.

May all beings be loved, protected, free from harm and suffering, be healthy and happy and live in joy, peace and love.


 "The  Buddha Within" by Virginia Peck 

Some Notes :

  • Alaya - the indissoluble, that which cannot be dissolved, the Permanent

  • Alaya(Sanskrit) A compound word: a, "not"; laya, from the verb-root li, "to dissolve"; hence "the indissoluble." The universal soul; the basis or root or fountain of all beings and things - the universe, gods, monads, atoms, etc. Mystically identical with akasa in the latter's highest elements, and with mulaprakriti in the latter's essence as "root-producer" or "root-nature."

  • "Alaya" is a Sanskrit word. The notion of alaya is one of origin or storehouse. In the word 'himalaya', him means "snow" and 'alaya' means 'mountain range', 'big with snow'. 'Alaya' means there are big things happening, primordial things taking place. . . And that is what we are trying to do. It's just a basic part of existence.

  • Hebrew, meaning - to ascend; to go up.

  • Arabic, meaning - lofty; sublime

  • Swahili, meaning - exalted

  • "Nam" - Sanskrit for "name".

I arrived at the work "alaya" intuitively when recording my first album "Monumental". The natural response to the music and the connection with my own essence, the word 'Alaya' word came through. I subsequently looked up its meaning, and list a few of these above.

As this album was a collection of ancient prayers and invocations, the title naturally suggested itself - ALAYA-NAM - the Name of the One which cannot be dissolved. The One which is Permanent, Lasting, the Now....The Name - the Beloved described in all the traditional prayers and religions.