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Mohini collaborates with different artists, musicians and

health practitioners, in an organic and ever-evolving way.

Material herein has occurred in the moment, and out of 






Exposition, Tourne, Ariege,France 2012


Christophe Souques, a very talented artist, has exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris. Very honoured that he asked me if he could use some of my music to accompany his exhibition at Ram and Paula's place in the Ariege.   Photos by Christophe and Rustle Teasdale. Film compiled and produced by Mohini Chatlani - Music - Track 4 from "Alaya-Nam"


Ram Chatlani demonstrating Wu Style Tai Chi,
filmed on location at Col de la Crouzette,
Ariege, France, August 2012.
Music by Mohini Chatlani from "ALAYA-NAM"

After a week of Detox at Tourne with her brother Ram Chatlani, we all awoke at 430am on the morning of breaking our fast,  to stride up the mountain (1500m) for a magical spectacle.

Emptiness, wisdom, awe, magic, communion, mastery. All were present.

Above all, the "One-ness" within us, with us and around us was palpable.
This is what came about.



                         Yogaflows with Mohini