.....for "ALAYA-NAM"

........for The Voice of Yoga" Project

"We recommend anyone interested in spiritual music to listen to Mohini's very unique musical offering '. Deva Premal & Miten

"RamRam I loved your Cd and will be happy to put a track or two up on my "Krishna Das Yoga Music Radio" channel on Sirius XM. KD". Krishna Das

"I've been enjoying the excerpts that you put on Youtube". Ben Leinbach

"Thank you for the beautiful album you gave me. It is so gentle, tranquil and enchantingly inspiring". Hossam Ramzy

Mohini's rapturous music shifts one into inner ancient dimensions where all religious realms converge in the heart. This is a wonderful CD. Sarah Powers, author of "Insight Yoga".


Photo : Mohini Vashikaran Mantra
(Courtesy of www.http://tantramantrayantra.weebly.com)


Feedback for Mohini Chatlani -
"The Voice of Yoga"

"Mohini is awesome, her voice is spellbinding", Pamela Ramsden, One Light Spiritual Gatherings. 

"A match made in heaven". Jackie Lee, North London Yoga Studio

"Beautiful, from goose-bumps to totally chilled" VO.

"I felt a warm and relaxed feeling around my heart". SG

"Trance-like and very powerful" CC

"I became absorbed in it, floated on the notes and the tone of your voice". DMG

"...touched with gratitude for all". AFD

"Beautiful, devotion. I felt gratitude to the  universe. Love, floating and relaxing". AL