Investing in Renée's Art Work

  Renée with a commission of “La Loge” after Renoir.     Renée painting outdoors, painted by a colleague

Renée’s artwork for sale on request as follows:

Renée’s artwork for sale on request as follows:
Original artwork – canvas and/or boards – if still available.
Embellished canvas prints from original artworks.
High quality Giclee prints from original artworks.
Special discounts offered for multiple purchases.
Paintings can be reserved with an initial deposit.
Pricing is ongoing and will be available soon.

Contact Mohini if you are interested in any painting. If you wish to “visit” a painting, (if it is still available), to see it and get the feel for it, then this may be arranged. Due to the volume of  her mother’s Renée’s prolific work, sales will be effected via personal contact with Mohini. If a particular painting interests you, and you would like more information please do contact Mohini.

A Word About Renée’s Artwork

The Photos

Many of the photos were taken in pre-digital era, some are less than perfect,  many are blurred due to unsteady hands!  Many were taken outdoors, with a tripod and the more later ones with a digital cameras. I have chosen to include 99% of Renée’s work, as a homage to her great talent, her eye for detail and her amazing portraiture.

The Paintings

Many of the paintings, pictures, drawings have been sold.  Very few remain within the family.  Where the work is available it can be sold.  Otherwise good quality giclée prints are available at a good price, or enhanced canvas prints  all in varied sizes.

Mohini may also accept commissions of any of Renée’s work. Please bear in mind that exactitude will be attempted, and not guaranteed, as Mohini has her own developing and evolving style.

No prices are quoted on Renée’s work, so please do contact Mohini for any enquiry you may have.

May your home be graced with beautiful art.

Thank you and many blessings.

Mohini Chatlani