Investing in Mohini’s Artwork

Mohini presents an eclectic portfolio of original plein-air oil on canvas paintings, oil pastels, portraits, acrylic, figurative abstract, oil, and early water colours. Her work is prolific and ongoing.

All paintings are by Mohini.  They are curently available to purchase directly. Please contact Mohini if you are interested in any painting. If you wish to “visit” a painting, to see it and get the feel for it, then this may be arranged.  Some of the categories will have standard one-off pricing, like the Yogaflows Inspired Art, the Intuitive Art and some of the Early paintings. Due to the volume of paintings Mohini offers for sale, sales will be effected via personal contact with Mohini. If a particular painting interests you, and you would like more information please do contact Mohini.  

Mohini offers her work for sale on request as follows:

  • Original artwork – canvas and/or boards.
  • Replicas of original artwork – oils on canvas.
    Please note there will always be differences in textures, colour and light in these representations.
  • Embellished canvas prints from original artworks.
  • High quality Giclee prints from original artworks.
  • Commissions welcome and considered.
  • Special discounts offered for multiple purchases
  • Paintings can be reserved with an initial deposit.
    Pricing is ongoing – so if you don’t yet see a price, please contact Mohini. Thank you.

The New Path (5) The Closed Door (2022)

Oil Paintings 2022


Oil Paintings 2021


Figurative Abstract

Oil Paintings 2020


Early Painting
Beginnings 2017
Oil Paintings 2019
Yogaflows Inspired Art
Portraits 2018
Intuitive Art